What to do when Yahoo mail stop receiving emails after Yahoo email account is compromised?

There is nothing more disturbing than your Yahoo email getting compromised. The very thought of your email being accessed by someone else is truly frightening. This also means that all your sensitive data is now at the mercy of some stranger. Well, Good-luck with it!

Apart from attempting to regain control of the hacked Yahoo account, you seem to have no other alternative left. In addition to this, the said spammer is also making it difficult for you to receive the incoming emails. It does appear that you are having a huge problem, which needs to be resolved, without any delay. At the same time, you are nowhere in a position to contact Yahoo support team, which can be a matter of concern.


Right before you get started, you must try to understand the problems and what you are doing wrong.

The reasons for not receiving emails

· Your email must be getting auto-forwarded to some other email address.

· Incoming messages are being filtered into the Trash or Spam folder.

In such a scenario, it would make a lot of sense to check your spam or trash folder. This way, you will get to know if your Yahoo email account has been really compromised or not. Moreover, you must also look at the settings, if you are looking to regain the access to your Yahoo account, once it was hacked.

Steps to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account

The process to recover hacked Yahoo account is as follows:-

1. On your web browser, go to Yahoo login page.

2. Once you are on the login page, click Sign-in.

3. Under the sign-in section, click – I can’t access my account link.

4. Depending on the type of problem, select an option.

5. In your case, choose – My account was compromised.

6. Do provide your username and click Next.

7. In the recovery options page, you can reset Yahoo password, as per your convenience.  


8. You must have provided an alternate email address or phone number. Now, proceed by choosing any of the two given methods to change the password -1. Recover using an email/phone number. 2. Recovery answering security questions.

9. After resetting the new password, your Yahoo account is now exclusively under your control.


If you are trying to find an answer to the question of how to recover Yahoo password, the above steps seem relevant enough. Of course, the going will not be easy. But at least, you can give a try. Unless you try, how will you how to take the preventive measures.

Look for Instant Assistance

No doubt, you have some trouble in the beginning. In case, things don’t go your way, then make sure to dial the round the clock Yahoo contact number. This will help you to get a better insight and you will know what it takes to secure the email account.

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